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Considering Divorce? Consult With an Attorney First

divorce attorneyGetting divorced is not as simple as moving out of the home you share with your spouse and starting a new life. You have to divide your property legally and arrange for financial support of your children. Whether you have a lot of assets or not, it is important to talk to a lawyer before you file for divorce. An attorney who focuses on family law can help you understand your rights so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

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Involving a lawyer does not have to make your divorce adversarial. If you and your spouse can agree on the division of assets, custody and support of children and any other issues specific to your situation, you can present your written agreement to the judge and avoid litigation. This kind of divorce is usually less expensive than a trial. You may each be happier with the outcome of your settlement if you are able to sit down together, with or without your lawyers to divide your assets and debt as well as make decisions for the best interest of your children.

By consulting with a lawyer early, you will have legal representation on-hand if negotiations with your spouse don’t result in a reasonable settlement. Your divorce lawyer can work with your spouse’s lawyer to try to negotiate on your behalf and may even help you work out a compromise with your spouse to speed the process along. Part of your lawyer’s job is to ensure that you get a fair share of the marital assets and sufficient parenting time with your children. Your attorney will advocate for your rights throughout the divorce.

An amicable divorce is more likely to be successful if both you and your spouse are committed to the process. If one of you hires an aggressive lawyer, you may find yourself involved in litigation. It is important to choose a divorce lawyer with experience helping clients negotiate divorce settlements through mediation. With this method, you will spend less of your marital assets on legal fees and have more to use to start your new, single life.

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